Bands & Boil 2021 on Sat, June 5th at the Groove Records in Nashville!

Sponsored by Vida Wakeman, Realtor

Everyone is getting together again! Join Runner of the Woods for an afternoon of free crawfish, beer, and live music at the Groove Records, in Nashville on Saturday, June 5, 2021. The event begins at 2 pm. Music schedule below! A hearty thanks to our sponsor, Vida Wakeman, Realtor.


2:30 pm: Afton Wolfe
3:30 pm: Pat Reedy
4:30 pm: Hannah Juanita
5:30 pm: Runner of the Woods
6:30 pm: Megan Palmer

*** We will be serving individual portions of crawfish for safety purposes.

Additional details on the performers and an interview with our sponsor on the Nashville realty market coming next week!


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