Bands & Boil June 3 + Recording

Enjoy FREE crawfish, FREE Yazoo beer, and great live music on Saturday, June 3rd at Bands & Boil 2023! Live music by Runner of the Woods, Wade Sapp, Megg Ferrell, Dustin Bothwell, and more. It’s a family-friendly event, with popsicles for the kids. It really is an easy “yes”.

Why do I do this? Honestly, it’s a throwback to my years living in New Orleans, where a a community crawfish boil was a great way for neighbors and music lovers to gather. There was no charge to attend. It was simply a gesture of neighborly goodwill. I don’t see enough of this in Nashville. Full lineup and set times TBD soon.

In other news, Runner of the Woods has been recording a new album at Sidekick Studio in East Nashville. We knocked out the rhythm tracks for 10 songs in 2 days. This would never have been doable outside of Nashville, where musicianship always inhabits a the highest plane of talent.

Here’s an inside look at how musical sausage is made.