Live at the Listening Room – Aug 5th!

Covid-19 protocols and local ordinances strictly observed

I can’t thank singer-songwriter, Ronny Criss, enough for inviting me to perform on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at the Listening Room Cafe in Nashville. Showtime is 6 p.m., the venue has been extremely diligent in observing COVID-19 best practices and local ordinances. Joining us will be songwriter, Brian Southerland.

I haven’t performed live since Mardi Gras, this past February. Since then, I’ve cancelled many shows, including my annual Bands & Boil crawfish and live music event at the Groove in Nashville. What a disappointment! The event had grown into a celebration of East Nashville’s music community, something that was sorely needed in the aftermath of the March tornado. The wreckage of that storm persists just blocks from our home. I actually missed crawfish season its entirety. I couldn’t justify boiling 20 pounds of mudbugs for myself, and communal eating and dancing seem unwise at the moment.

In the meantime, I have spent months setting aside funds to record a new album. Life without live music is drained of a key essence. I have attempted to fill the void with family time (which has been wonderful). And fishing, as ever, provides a much needed release. You can always read about those adventures here.

In the meantime, this upcoming show is an opportunity to shake off rust and reconnect with Nashville’s music community. I’m grateful for the chance to get back on the horse. See you there!


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