New Music from Runner of the Woods!

We’re extremely proud of two new singles recently recorded at Whites Creek Music in Nashville, Tennessee. They are currently being mixed and mastered in advance of a release in January 2019. Releasing in the new year allows for plenty of time to shoot videos and conduct a proper release. This is the reality of putting out new songs — even though you’re dying for the world to hear your latest work, you have to wait patiently and unleash them at the perfect time. There is no other way…

In the meantime, we’ll be opening up for Cajun stalwarts Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy & the Cajun Country Revival on Friday, August 31, 2018. We go on at 9 pm sharp.  Savoy’s father built my beloved Cajun accordion(s).

Here’s a little taste of tracking in the studio with fiddler Billy Contreras:

This is how honky-tonk sausage is made. Billy Contreras is probably my favorite fiddler in Nashville. His playing feels like a loud roar erupting from a cage when you’ve lifted the latch from a safe distance to let out a wild beast. It says, “Let’s not fuck around, cuz someday we won’t be here.” That ties in nicely with my reason for jumping into the studio on a whim. In the span of a week, my father got the worst of all possible diagnoses – the very worst. When the doctors were able to take a closer look, they backed off the original assessment, which would have been terminal. The emotional exhaustion gave way to a sense of urgency to record songs I’ve had kicking around. No time to waste! There never was. I called all of my favorite local pickers in Music City. A few days later I was driving up a very iffy, rural mountain road up to a log home in the hills outside of Nashville. The studio was in the basement. I got out of my truck and looked around. An old dog was on his back, exposing his tummy and flashing his pearly whites. Was he smiling at me? I was in the right place. #nashville #recording #runnerofthewoods #fiddle #lafayette #cajunmusic #honky-tonk #acadianagirls

A post shared by Runner of the Woods (@runnerofthewoodsband) on

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came to the very first Bands & Boil in Nashville in June!  I now consider myself a seasoned expert in boiling crawfish.  Looking forward to putting on next year’s event.  Here are a few pics/video depicting the fun (mess):


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