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Runner of the Woods will be making their Folk Alliance debut in February, 2017!  We’re thrilled to be playing the Access Film and TV showcase on Thursday, February 16th and the Sweet Beaver Showcase on Saturday, February 18th.  The latter showcase has an excellent — and I mean fantastic — lineup and we’re honored to take part.  Details here.

See you in one month, Kansas City!  I can’t wait to try your BBQ and see how it competes to Texas!


One our favorite local music blogs, No Country for New Nashville, recently had kind words for Runner of the Woods in advance of a recent showcase at Acme Feed & Seed.  Kudos to those guys for putting together a great bill.

We’ll be at Folk Alliance in 2017!  So far, we’ll be doing two showcases: Sweet Beaver and Access Film.  Details TBD.  I can’t wait to lampoon Kansas City “barbecue”.

It’s been a wonderful year of music and fishing.  Here’s a beautiful brown trout from a few days ago.  It was cold, dreary day, but I was determined to hit the river.  I really feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t know the joy of fly fishing.

Thanks to all our friends and fans for a wonderful year.  Merry Christmas!



Stream the recent interview with Runner of the Woods’ Nick Beaudoing on ACME Radio’s “Vinyl Lunch” program! Hosted by Nashville DJ, Tim Hibbs, this program features musicians spinning their favorite vinyl and chatting about their obsession with music.


We’re back at the Basement in Nashville on Wednesday, November 9th!  Opening band TBD.  Shows at the ACME are also coming up, as well as an appearance on ACME radio.

After a busy spring and summer, I had the opportunity to recharge my batteries in rural Quebec.  To me it’s a magical place, full of evergreen trees, rolling hills, and mysterious little villages with abandoned churches and poutine stands.  And the lakes…the lakes!   Their  natural beauty is second to none. The water is so unbelievably crystal clear that, when you catch a bass, you see can watch it tug at your line thirty feet below.

I feel refreshed and ready to hit the road this fall!


I love the colors here.


Abandoned church in Ste-Therese de la Gatineau

20160824_115554 (2)

A daily poutine routine.


A visit to another local church to pray that my stomachache goes away.


This was the biggest bass of the trip.  It simply wouldn’t come up.  I felt a duty to send him back…

We returned to a Nashville full of mosquitoes and intense heat.  My first night back I went to hear a honky-tonk band in my neighborhood.  Home sweet home.


With our Texas, Louisiana, and Kentucky dates out of the way — Austin is always the winner — we have lots of local shows on the calendar.  But that’s not really news.  The real news is that I’ve fallen in love.  With fly fishing.  And this after years of dismissing the entire sport as “country club” or “yuppie” fishing (it isn’t, unless you succumb to a lust for expensive gear).  Lately, I’ve been fishing the waters of the Caney Fork in Tennessee almost compulsively.

It’s hard to overstate the peace you feel, standing in a perfectly clear river while casting a small fly into rippling water.  And the take — the take! — that moment of surprise when a trout slams your lure, gives you a rush of adrenalin and relief.  For 10 seconds, your faith in the world is completely restored.


Fish aside (only for now), here’s a quick live video we shot at The Toy Box Studio in April, the day after returning from the road.  We were definitely fried, but all those live dates brought us together.  I can’t remember us sounding tighter.


Here’s our live performance of “Easy on Me” on BalconyTV in Nashville, TN.  It’s our ode to Northern lakes and Canadian women.

If you want to see us live, April is the month.  With a Texas-Louisiana tour and plenty of Nashville dates, we have more gigs than we can handle.  That’s how we like it.

In the meantime, bass season is just starting and I’m spending every ounce of spare time chasing them (and learning to fly fish).  And it’s crawfish season on top of that.  If you can’t love life down in Tennessee, there is no hope for you.



There is light snow on the ground here in East Nashville, TN, but truth be told, this has been an easy winter.  In my book, this means 2016 is off to a perfect start!  The fine folks at New Noise Magazine have written kind words about “Thirsty Valley”.  Many press outlets are so lazy that their “review” consists of verbatim excerpts from your press release.  We appreciate New Noise Magazine’s thoughtful, well-written piece.

We return to Texas in April!  Highlights include a double bill in Dallas on Friday, April 8th with our friends, Jack Kerowax, at Sundown at the Grenada.  On Saturday, April 9th, we’ll be headlining at Austin’s best venue, the White Horse.  We can’t wait!  We’ll also be doing a vinyl release show at the Five Spot in Nashville on April 21st.  Speaking of which, the vinyl is available for purchase here.  It’s also available Nashville’s finest music stores, including the Groove and Grimey’s.

In the meantime, we’ll be making our debut at Nashville’s Acme Feed & Seed on Fat Tuesday, February 9th for a Mardi Gras show.

Things are lookin’ good, almost as good as this largemouth bass I caught last month!



Vinyl Site

Deluxe 180-gram vinyl copies of “Thirsty Valley are now available for purchase!  We’re extremely proud of this album, and its release in vinyl format is cause for celebration.   With all the delays, I honestly began to doubt myself.  But the thicker, heavier 180-gram record feels great in your hands, and the album artwork, with wildlife photography by Mike Ernst is something to behold (it can be difficult to appreciate cover design on a CD).  Each copy includes a digital download code, so there’s no need too to fiddle with a turntable in your car.

A vinyl release show is definitely in order, but it will have to wait until 2016.  In the meantime, the new year brings a number of solo acoustic shows in Nashville, including a feature songwriter slot at Bobby’s Idle Hour on January 7th, an appearance at the Bluebird Cafe on January 17th, and a show at Fat Bottom Brewery on February 19th.  Full band tours of Texas and the Midwest are also in the works, as several live video shoots.

Finally, we’d like to thank the radio stations who supported “Thirsty Valley” in 2015, particularly KHYI, Sirius-XM’s the Loft, and KEXP, whose support has meant a great deal.

Merry Christmas!


Thanks to Seattle’s KEXP for spinning the track “B-Sides (and Long Drives)”.   We’re in the process of booking new tour dates and will update the list of upcoming shows as soon as everything is confirmed.  We expect the 180-gram vinyl copies of “Thirsty Valley” to be available in November.  In the meantime, here are some kind words from Elmore Magazine and a 4/5-star review from the fine folks at Alt-Country.NL.  The latter link is in Dutch so we recommend becoming fluent, rather than relying on Google Translate, whose language algorithm reduces an enthusiastic review to unnerving, robotic gibberish.


No Country for New Nashville premieres the video for “Thirsty Valley”!  Shot by Nashville filmmaker Michael Chase, it depicts a man leaving civilization behind to live in the wild, drink beer, and fish.  What great expression of freedom is there?

Deluxe 180-gram vinyl copies “Thirsty Valley” will be available in two months.  We regret the delay, but record production takes much longer than we ever anticipated.  It will be worth the wait, we promise!


Huffington Post premieres the video for “Easy on Me”!  Also, a thoughtful, well-written review of “Thirsty Valley” by PopMatters.


Watch our appearance on Good Day Dallas, KDFW TV.  Our radio campaign is just beginning!


Kind words from Nashville’s Lockeland Springsteen about “Thirsty Valley” + Nick Beaudoing’s take on “5 Things Nashville Could Do a Little Better”.  The website Popmatters is offering a full stream of the record and is giving away a free download of the track “Easy on Me”.  The album is now on iTunes and the CD may be purchased here.  So many hyperlinks…

The last dates of the tour are Knoxville, TN, Pittsburgh, PA, NYC, and Arlington, VA.  The band is road-tested and spry!


Purchase “Thirsty Valley” on CD here!  iTunes and 180-Gram vinyl to follow!


Listen to Guitar World’s exclusive premiere of the song, “Easy on Me”, from the upcoming album “Thirsty Valley” (July 10, 2015)!  July tour dates are final.  See you soon…


The Bluegrass Situation premieres the track, “Eastern Time”, from the debut record!