Sold Out Full Band Debut at the Bluebird!

Bluebird Cafe, L-R: Stephen Daly, Nick Beaudoing, Nick Davidson, Brett Resnick, Eric Frey

Our full-band debut at Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Cafe was sold out! Playing an hour long set of originals in a room that’s pin-drop quiet — not a lot of songwriters get that opportunity. This show was easily the highlight of our year.

The Bluebird has a “no talking” policy. I almost feel bad for the audience, but they’re totally on board. It makes for a very special set. Shows likes that are in extremely short supply.

We were well rehearsed, owing to several shows we booked in advance, to get us in prime musical shape. One of those, at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, the night before our Bluebird debut, was captured on video. Dee’s does every band an enormous service in recording a Facebook live stream of every band’s gig. You can watch the link here. It’s essentially our Bluebird set, minus the good behavior.

After our Bluebird show, it was off to Santa’s Pub, where I occasionally front the hard country band, Santa’s Ice Cold Pickers. That venue is well on its way to becoming “legendary” in its own right. Our guitarist’s father, Mike Daly, was playing pedal steel. Typical Nashville — you play a show with a favorite guitarist, then head to another venue where his father — also incredibly accomplished — is on the stage doing his thing. This city is a special place.

Next week I’ll be doing session work on the Cajun accordion (yes, this is thing).

Mardi Gras is also on the way — March 1st! Our show venue is TBD but we’ll be there to help you celebrate. Then it’s off to the studio to record a tribute to Quebecois songwriter, Gilles, Vigneault. I have the track listing ready to go.

It’s just a matter of handing the money over to the engineer. More soon…