Bluebird Show this Sun, Oct 9th – Sold Out!

It’s my birthday as I type this. I like to think I am keeping a very young man’s schedule. I have a stack of office work for today, a rehearsal later on, dinner tonight, camping in the cold this weekend, and a last minute show at the legendary Bluebird Cafe this Sunday, October 9th at 6 pm sharp! It’s already sold out, as often happens (the picture above is from a sold out show last December).

It’s a last minute booking, but being in Nashville, I was able to assemble and outstanding band with hours. This would be impossible anywhere else.

Immediately before the show, I will be driving back from a weekend of camping in cold weather in the woods of western Tennessee with my sons. As I hit the stage, I will be quite literally emerging from the forest, a “runner coming out of the woods”, if you will.

Here’s to living the dream.