Woodshedding & Recording

Summer has found me busy writing songs in the private writer rooms of NSAI on Music Row. I relish the privacy. Honestly, I need it in order to get things done. The system of setting time aside to be write in solitude works like a charm. Otherwise, I can only pick my guitar when the family is asleep. This would lend itself to an album’s worth of very, very quiet songs about being quiet while the rest of the household is sleeping, and we mustn’t wake them etc. I’m writing a lot of upbeat stuff these days!

I’ve also been fishing to my heart’s content, especially in rural Quebec. You can read about my most recent adventure on the Fish Blog (and Instagram).

I love playing live — I fronted Santa’s Ice Cold Pickers as recently as Aug 28th — but right now I’m hyper-focused on recording. New music has been a long time coming and it’s high time I woodshed in the studio once more. I have the songs. I only lacked the will to spend the money. Whatever dollars you pour into music are inevitably absent as soon as the air conditioner stops working (or your car starts making “that noise”). I think I was waiting for that special new song to present itself, something to be excited about (I’ve written it and can’t wait for you to hear it!). For the time being I’ll be recording more than playing out.

Although, that’s not all true. I have a show on Sept 30th at Shelby Park from 4 – 6 pm. It’s a free event, sponsored by East Nashville Beerworks and Friends of Shelby Park. And there will be a show in the fall at Bobby’s Idle Hour — I’m toying with the idea of doing a “Fixin’s Boil” (i.e. a crawfish boil without the bugs…just potatoes, sausage, corn etc. the stuff people actually like). And there will be a show at the Bluebird soon. I’ll post them all here.

In the meantime, the recent death of a Nashville via Wyoming honky-tonker has me thinking of the loss we suffered not so long ago, when our bass player, Craig Aspen, left us. We miss you, Craig!


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