Live on WSM + Mardi Gras Feb 13th + Folk Alliance!

Dearest friends,

Happy New Year from Nashville, Tennessee.  We have much planned for Runner of the Woods in 2018, including a live stream on WSM’s Americana program, “For the People”, (Jan 25th) a Mardi Gras show for Honky-tonk Tuesday at East Nashville’s American Legion Post 82, and several showcases at this year’s Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City.  And this only the first two months.

We are currently shopping for studios to record the follow-up to our debut, “Thirsty Valley”.  I can’t believe it’s time.  I’ve spent much of the past few months holed up in a songwriting studio on Music Row.   My God, has it been fruitful.  I used to enjoy writing songs while wandering the rooms of my craftsman-style cottage, but being a father has transformed the space forever.  Without privacy and silence songs never get done.  Renting a quiet space far from the odor of diapers and spilled apple sauce has proven to be a wise investment.

The fishing has also been good.  I say “good” because, frankly, it hasn’t been anything more in quite some time.  Tennessee’s Caney Fork River, where I spend most of my idle hours, has been tricky this year.  I’ve spent hours in both the heat and cold wiping my face in frustration (what do they want?).  Whatever the cause, lack of easy success has made me a better fisherman.  Read all about my adventures on the water at my Fish Blog.

Thankfully, being in nature is nearly always its own reward.  Man, do I love it, especially for moments like this: